Free digital marketing tools to boost your business

Small business owners are changing the way they work in the wake of COVID-19...and expanding your digital presence can help prevent your business from coming to a halt.

One of the easiest, fastest ways to adapt your business is by taking advantage of digital tools. Whether it's upping your presence on social media or launching a website, this is the perfect time to try something new.

Here, we're highlighting some digital solutions you can use to transition your business - including free offerings from Vistaprint's Digital Team.

  • Step up your social media presence
  • Create (or update) your website
  • Connect with customers

Step up your social media presence

Social media is for more than a tool for staying connected with family and friends - it's a marketing channel that's engaging and easy to use. The aesthetic of your Instagram page and the copy of your Facebook posts can shape your brand identity and build awareness.

In difficult times, use your favorite social platforms to execute crisis communication strategies. Since channels like Facebook and Instagram have a more personal feel, they're great tools for connecting with customers in an authentic and approachable way.

If you're ready to take your social presence to the next level, try out Vistaprint's new Social Design Studio. You'll find free customizable templates for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. These templates are great if you don't have experience designing social posts, or if you're pressed for time.

Megan Morahan, Creative Director of Vistaprint's Product Design Team, says that she wanted to make it easier for small businesses to get the word out on the changes they've made.

"We know that small business owners are having less face-to-face interaction with customers and moving online. We also thought it was important to offer designs that support social distancing and healthcare workers, as well as ones with uplifting community messages. These themes can help businesses feel connected to their customers during this troubling time."

Whether you want to send a positive message to your followers or let customers know about a new offering, these templates are easy to transform into brand-right social posts. These templates are already pre-sized for each platform, so you don't have to worry about cropping or resizing.

Once you find a template you like, add your logo (or another image), find the right font, and tweak the colors. Customize it with a custom message and company contact info, too. Then, just download and get ready to post.

Megan's design advice whether you are designing your own social posts or using the free templates: "Less is more. Keep messaging to one main thought, and keep the layout clean and easy to read."

Create (or update) your website

Ryan Burke, a Senior Product Manager at Vistaprint, says that "Getting your business information online is incredibly important, even more so now. With so many people searching for businesses online, this is the first line of defense in converting that person into a customer."

If you don't have a website - or want to update your current one - our Digital Team is offering the ability to try out our website builder before you buy it.  If you like it, we’re offering our most popular package at half price for your first three paying months.

With this service, you can create a simple one-page (or multiple page) website to get your business online quickly and easily. And you won't have to build your site from scratch - just add all of your info to our content blocks, and your website will be ready to publish.

There's a lot you can do with a website - regardless of what kind of business you're in:

  • Use an eCommerce page to sell products (like gift cards!)
  • Create a schedule where customers can sign up for virtual classes
  • Add a self-service calendar where customers can book appointments
  • Upload menus for your restaurant along with delivery/take-out request forms
  • Set up a donation portal that customers can contribute to

You can also use your website to tell your story. Add an 'About' section to tell customers what drives and inspires you as a business owner, or write weekly blog posts to give followers a glimpse into your world.

Our web builder is super easy to use, and our developers are here to help if you need it - just use the in-builder chat to get all of your questions answered. Many of our site capabilities could help you stay in business during this tough time.

Connect with customers

It's not enough to have a modern website or eye-catching social posts - take your digital presence to the next level with consistent communication. Interact with comments on Facebook and Instagram, respond to reviews on Yelp, and update your website regularly.

Right now, things are changing quickly - and an active digital presence lets you keep in touch with customers in real time. Update your website with new offerings, or create a social post promoting a new service so customers can stay informed.

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